Ways To Your Make Sex More Exciting

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Sexy Lingerie Can Re-Wake A Relationship, But It's Not Your Option...


There are many ways which you can go about this, the first obvious one is Sexy lingerie. Wearing something new, sexy and reveling will always gain a mans attention. I know you didn't need me to tell you that, But you'd be surprised how often this simple thing is completely overlooked.
Unlike women, a man's sexual stimulant in the first instance is primarily visual, So it's pretty easy to gain his attention if you put your mind to it. You can literally watch his jaw drop when he casts eyes on you in that sexy little number.
A quick revamp of our naughty draw can work wonders not only for your sex life but also your confidence and make you generally happy.
A quick revamp of our naughty draw can work wonders not only for your sex life but also your confidence and make you generally happy.

    If your not one to show off your body this, the bedroom is the one place you can just be yourself.

    Just relax.. Strip off, explore each other. Life's to short to ruin any possibly enjoyment because you don't like certain parts of your body's. You'll find everything will flow much easier and your sex will get better than ever if you just accept and enjoy each other.
    A friend of mine once told me that she would never let her man see her face when she orgasms. The light would always be off or she would turn into the pillow as she cums. We joked about this over coffee every now and again then over a year later, completely out of the blue she blurted out that she let him see her cum face!
    Since then her inhibitions have gone out the window, She now rides the poor man like a wild animal ( her words ) and has the best sex she has ever had.



     Sex Toys, One Of The Best Things Ever Invented.


    I love toys and I couldn't live without them. Often I speak to other women, mainly older, late 40's plus, who don't own one and wouldn't dream of owning such a thing. I always tell them they don't know what their missing out on, Yet they openly tell me that they masturbate regularly, but could never own a sex toy!!!!..
    My reply is always the same.. do you have a vacuum cleaner or are you still using a broom to clean your house?
    Toys are a great accessory to sex whether you use alone or together. I have a good sex life but still I lay in bed sometimes a little longer after he's got up in the morning just to make sure the battery's are still working.
    I've had great sex in the past by " accidentally " letting him hear my enjoyment I was having with my dildo while he was in the bathroom and letting him catch me in the act..
    Don't be scared to experiment, something you think you wouldn't like might not always be the case but you don't know until you try..
    Myself, I'm the proud owner of many toys, but I have a hand full of favorites. Ones that get me there quick, others for use with a partner. I do have a couple of specials for when I'm feeling really naughty.
    • Be more daring..

    By going out of your comfort zone a little you might be surprised how enjoyable a naughty idea that you previously thought that you would never do can be.
    Now, this will be down to you to decide how far you are willing to go but your options are endless.
    Our customer gallery is a great starting point. Your in charge of what you send and people find it can be a great way of breaking down barriers and building up some courage completely anonymously.. In fact most of the images you've seen so far are taken from our gallery uploaded by real customers... Check it out Here


    When I was a teenager porn used to be a seedy 70's movie someone managed to get hold of from their parents on a VHS. Involving an abnormally hung plumber and a skimpily dressed house wife with boobs the size of melons sized boobs about to burst from her blouse any second. 



    Thank god that's changed now, I certainly don't need to tell you the internet is full of porn but It's not all bad. There is some great porn out there now covering every niche imaginable, Even porn specifically aimed at women, You can easily find pretty much anything.

    This will be completely trail and error on your behalf until you find something that you like. I don't endorse drinking but a couple of glasses of wine would probably help with your thought process on this.

    Think about one of your fantasy's... A scenario in your head you masturbate to or have done in the past.

    Go to a porn site, just google porn and pick any of the results.. Porn sites generally have their own search bar, type in your fantasy but try to narrow it down as much as poss.. For instance.. If you like the thought of someone else watching while you have sex type in " friend watches while I fuck " You get my point..


    Searching for and watching porn together as a couple can be a great relationship strengthener and a completely healthy thing to do.  I'm sure between you you'll find something you both like..


    Men please read..

    Waving a semi hard dick around isn't going to makes us drop on all fours and beg to be hammered from behind until the cows come home.
    However on some occasions the above can be waived, but you'd be pretty lucky. Generally we need a bit more enthusiasm on your part.
    A woman's body is full of erogenous zones,  Find them and I can assure you this gets our juices flowing..
    Explore your girl, our nipples are glands the same as your helmet is, there's no doubt you like that licked and sucked and we do too..

    I have cum by myself just from playing with my own nipples so please give them some attention.
    Imagine you had 4 penis's and we only ever played with the same one, would get pretty boring wouldn't it..
    Remember foreplay is key.
    I've been in relationships in the past where the foreplay was better than the actual sex, I'm sure lots of girls would agree with me on this. Don't get me wrong, The sex was good but the build up was so much more exciting, I would have been quite satisfied if there wasn't any penetration but I'm not a selfish girl lol.

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